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Rainbow Dance Studio Established in 1994 by Cine Dance Director YEMINENI KALYAN Member in A.P.F.D.D.A. Kalyan worked as Choreographer for the movies 1.16 years. 2. Balu – Madhumathi 3. Steet Boys. Kalyan worked as Judge at MAA T.V & Dum - Dum Diga Diga, which is beat “Dance Baby Dance” in 2003. Kalyan got Best Dance Composer award in Actress Rasi. Rainbow’s Students Dance in Gemini, MAA T.V, E.T.V, Sony and Local ChannelsRainbow now Acting in movies. They started Dance Academy in other counties. Kalyan Designed a book. That is basic steps of Rainbow in 1996. The book contains basic steps in “Western Dance if anybody learn.” All this basics, they turned as a perfect Dancer. The Rainbow Dance Studio have a latest Dance floor, ever seen in Navyandhra Pradesh. It is remoldely and open by SriPrattipati Pulla Rao & Modugula Venu Gopal Reddy. He is good Knowledge about cultural Activities.

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Hip-hop per Month
Hip-hop per Month INR  3500 INR  3000
-14.29 %
Rainbows Dance Race
Rainbows Dance Race INR  400 INR  300
-25 %